You never know, unless you try. #beopenfornew

04th August 2017



Interesting how totally different your opinion could be after you are judging based on your own experience, not someone else`s.

You never know, unless you try. #beopenfornew

by Valeriia Muliukova

To be honest, running was never associated with anything enjoyable for me. I did quite few attempts to understand why so many people are into it, but did not really succeed. Taking part in ARCN was more about the fun part: preparing costumes, encouraging people to join us, creating teasers and posts. I was thinking about the event more from the social perspective, nevertheless I was training and slowly making progress.

Unfortunately, the week before the run I didn’t find much time to train, maybe, that was one of the reasons why I was more worried than excited. The feeling of lacking preparation and fear of failure didn`t leave me alone.

But as I expected, my worries were gone at the moment I saw the whole crew dressed up in their silly costumes. Feeling their excitement and passion, getting a lot of smiles from the other participants and supporters and just having fun, helped me to get the feeling of being part of something totally different and unique.

During the run itself, I was inspired by other runner's motivation a lot, probably that`s why in the end my result was such a pleasant surprise for me. During my trainings I have never really run under 40 minutes and the feeling of finishing the race with the time of 32 min was really enjoyable.

So, in conclusion I can say that I totally changed my opinion after participating in my first race. That was my point in the first blog, you have to be open for any kind of experience. Because you never know, unless you try, right? 

More challenges are yet to come! 

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