You can be whoever you want in Berlin. #beasuperhero

18th July 2017



Do you dare yourself to change in one night? You never know where it could take you, especially in Berlin. One way or another, you’ll never be the same. I challenge you to join me and Racemappr team for Adidas Runners City Night on 29th of July.

You can be whoever you want in Berlin. #beasuperhero

by Valeriia Muliukova

It was 3 months ago when we met for the first time. Presenting me with all the unbelievable opportunities, overwhelmed me with its vibe. Free, limitless and daring, I would say. It`s all about Berlin.

I was inspired by all the people’s desire in developing themselves. They are not afraid of trying something new. The main thing I’ve learned is the willingness to behave as you feel. It`s a common rule here to be open for any kind of experience and I am glad to feel it in myself now.

For the next challenge I choose racing for the first time in my life. I have never been a big fan of running, but “why not try it”, I thought and consented to run 5k night race with the super team I work with.

From time to time I hear something like: “It´s not that hard, everyone can run 5k”. Well, yeah, those words are in my mind every time I get out of breath after the third kilometre on a treadmill... Of course, with time it gets easier. I guess, my best friend Anna makes a great contribution by dragging me by the ears to the gym almost every evening. Thanks, darling.

Anyway, the idea of running with energising beats through the city that never sleeps with my company was really seducing. But don`t you think that`s not enough? As you probably have guessed, we decided to rule the night as superheroes.

So, time to prepare your capes, kids. Batman`s partner in crime for the night is not Batgirl, but me. Yes, I will not only steal her costume and man, but also her Batbike (proof in the picture below).

Should we have fun all together?

Read more about the event itself here and get excited before #NightInTights.

Remember, I dare you,
Valeriia alias Batgirl


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