Who am I?

16th October 2016



Claire Senior

Who am I?

by Claire Senior

Hello, I’m Claire and I seem to have an addiction to taking running selfies...

As a fully qualified Personal Trainer (REPs), fitness instructor and Leader in Running Fitness, my specialist knowledge of how the body works is backed by my degree in Physiology. I am a lover of all things fitness related, I hold the rank of Black Belt in 3 different martial arts, and I am passionate about all things running related.

Variety is the spice of life, and that applies to my running too. As a member of two running clubs (Valley Striders and Leeds Frontrunners), I can be regularly found racing along a range of different terrains – sometimes accompanied by my two toddlers in the running buggy...

My personal running covers a variety of distances from 5km parkruns to a marathon, so I guess my next challenge will be an ultra...I might have to wait until the toddlers get a bit older before I attempt to fit the training in for that too. 

This year I have enjoyed a new challenge of running as an official pacer in various events such as the Run for All races, Yorkshire marathon series and the ‘Women’s Running UK’ events. The big flags are light enough to run with, but beware going under low hanging branches or sign posts :D

I also enjoy blogging on a wide range of health and fitness topics at clairepersonaltraining.co.uk to support people to achieve their fitness goals.

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And thank you Claire for sharing your story with us.

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