What's new at Racemappr? Read on...

24th July 2017



We’ve had some exciting progress here within the team and company and this is all based on our goal of a better experience for discovering challenges. If you ever need any help in finding an event do reach out to us and we’ll do what we can. Members of ou

What's new at Racemappr? Read on...

by Jon Sykes

As with any young company, we’ve got lots of ideas and are constantly making improvements, so I thought I would share with you just a few of our most recent changes and also a few insights of what’s to come.

What’s new?

- Social profiles now have previews on your profile and blog posts. So for those looking to build a profile or easily share and connect with the community through other channels, this makes it all easier. So post those finish line selfies after every challenge - and tag us too with @racemappr so we can follow, like and share you too.

- Blog covers and now editable so that you can make every post about your journeys even more personal. You are given the option when creating and editing a post to choose a header or gallery photo - so share more and lets see as well as read what you are up to. We’ll soon be adding guides on ideal specs for images and in the future making this even easier to edit and scale.

- We’ve improved notifications so that in your profile page you can see when someone has followed, commented or replied on posts, in chats or events. We’re also working to make it more visible and including email notifications too. This is all to make it easier to stay in discussions and follow topics around the events you love more easily.

- We’ve been working with organisers to improve the information they share so that events are even more detailed, visible and accurate. A big challenge of event discovery platforms is the accuracy of information and over the months we’ve put some huge man hours into checking details to make it as accurate as we can. But we know that the event organisers are the best giving updates which is why we hand the controls of each event to them.

- We’re connecting with even more of the community and in particular are speaking with a small group of ambassadors who really believe in what we are doing and love to talk about it. They are heroes of ours, going out to events and talking to both organisers and the community to help them discover Racemappr. If you’re interested in also sharing what we do and would like to know more about how you can help just email me at [email protected].

- More detailed event pages. Our ambition is for Racemappr to offer the homepage to every event in the world. So many event organisers are smaller clubs that don’t have the resources of technological experience to share the details that they want through their sites so we are building a structure that allows them to so this. We’ve worked with organisers to build a list of their ideal needs, have designed concepts for this and are soon to be testing it with our partners soon. So watch this space and get ready to see even more detail - and some really cool features.

- Improved search. It’s all about discovery of challenges and we want to make that even easier. At the moment we are focused on location to help you find local races and events because there are so many great, smaller races that are easily missed. We’ll keep that as our focus but are also introducing search based on keyword search incase you already know the event you want to follow. Do you have any other ideas on how we could improve search? Let us know in the comments below or drop me an email.

- Connecting journeys and events. We’re working on a tool that really connects people and journeys around each and every event. It’s a simple, exciting idea that will help organisers and users connect more and make sharing your race journeys even simpler. We’ll leave the details at that and share more when it’s nearer to launch.

- Lastly, but certainly not least, we are working on an app. Mobile is such an important part of any experience and we want to be out and about with you when you are training, racing, recovering or cheering. It’s quite a task but we’re well underway and have planned some great interactions, updates to the Racemappr experience and of course simplified how you can discover and connect. We’ll be looking for beta testers later in the year so let us know if you would love to join that process.

What are we working on?

Well of course we have huge plans and visions for what is possible and we are putting this into an order that we think is logical and stays true to our idea of helping you discover events and also connects the racing community. Below are just a few of our next steps, and we’ll continue to keep you informed of others.

That’s it for now. We hope you enjoyed reading about all the changes and would love to know what you think. Do reach out to us with ideas, feedback, high-fives or just news about what you've been up to. We would love to hear it.

Cheers, and enjoy your next challenge.
Jon and the team.

Thanks for reading this

And thank you Jon for sharing your story with us.

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