Trying something new

20th February 2017



Still looking for that PB or that perfect race where everything comes together?

Trying something new

by Glenn Armstrong

After 20 years of racing triathlons - I might still not have won a race yet - but that doesn't stop me trying.  I have tried all sorts of training - but never really got any better.  Is it the lure of Strava to log as many hours as you can without really focusing on the quality of your sessions?  Is it trying always pushing too hard in training and never giving your body time to recover?  Is it listening to what other people say is the perfect training model?  Maybe it works for them - but it doesn't necessarily work for you.  Or is the temptation of those late night snacks after a hard session - just one more bagel won't make a difference - will it??

We all try and fit our training around our lifestyles - but how many of us stop and take a look at what we do - are we making the best use of our limited time - are we really recovering enough and eating the right foods to repair our bodies after a gruelling session.  And don't talk to me about stretching or core work - sounds great - but how many of us really do it??

This year - its going to be different.  My sessions are going to be more structured. When I go for an easy run - I really will run easy.  If its a hard set - then I'll give it my all.  I am going to watch what I eat and make sure I get in those proteins to help me recover.  But more amazing - I have already started doing strength and conditioning - I can now balance on one foot for more than 60 seconds - without falling over...

Will any of this make any difference - who knows - but I've got to try it and if it doesn't then next year I'll try something else - but I'll never give up trying....

Find out over the next six months to see if the new plan is working - if it does then I'll market it and make a fortune....

Thanks for reading this

And thank you Glenn for sharing your story with us.

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Jon  Sykes

Jon Sykes

22 Feb 2017 at 06:57 pm

Hi Glenn. Thanks for this. Will be interested to see how the change in focus for training works for you. I'm for sure the same and need to train a little smarter! I can connect so much with "slow runs being slow". I look forward to hearing how things go!