The greatest hero from the greatest creative minds - meet Jellyfishman

24th July 2017



Lets just say that dressing up is not something new to me. I've won some great prizes and am known to not shy away from wearing something a little more bizarre, however when the team decided that we needed to be heroes at the Adidas Runners City Night race, I knew I would need some expert creative help. With a new niece (AKA Goblin) having just been born, it was the perfect excuse for me to call on my play dough loving, glue dripping, paint spilling army that are also known as my nieces and nephews. And they didn't disappoint.

The greatest hero from the greatest creative minds - meet Jellyfishman

by Jon Sykes

Have a scroll below through some of the awesome costume designs made for me. It was a tough choice to narrow it down and i'm sure there will be mixed opinion, but this year at the city night run I felt the skills of 'swimming' and 'holding my breath' would be essential on the streets of Berlin, and to be honest I just wanted to have tentacles. With 6 days to go, the sewing machine is being hunted for and ladies and gentleman, Jellyfishman will rise. So watch this space.

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