The Berlin Marathon – A personal approach

27th September 2016



My very personal approach to the 2016 Berlin Marathon.

The Berlin Marathon – A personal approach

by Lenny Leiter

27th of September. 6am. Finally.

I throw back my blanket, jump up, tear open the curtains and look up at the sky. Yes! No clouds, no wind. The weeks and months of relentless practice and meticulous preparation will finally come to fruition under perfect conditions.

I dart over to the living room to marvel at my gear, spread out on the sofa and patiently waiting to be used: My shoes, my shorts, my poncho, my sombrero and my guitar. Let's do this!

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Jon  Sykes

Jon Sykes

30 Sep 2016 at 10:04 am

Lenny you are an inspiration. I feel that the fancy dress aspect of these races is certainly your motivation. What's next as an outfit?