Taking the first step!

18th April 2017



I'm not very familiar with endurance training, but making mistakes and learning from them is part of the process. Maybe some of you have better insight on where to start?

Taking the first step!

by Greg Gareian

Dear peers, I woul like to start training for my next chllenge. I'm still not sure what kind of distance should I aim for, but I'm going to start training,  getting rid of some execc weight and starting with occasional 5 km and 10 km runs. It will give me an estimate on my current state and help to set goals, decide on the event I would later participate in. 

I should mention that doing a variety of heavy lifts, strenght oriented training left me rather heavy, being a 173 cm and around 80 kilograms. So it's time to get rid off some unecessary body weight. I plan to cut off fatty meats, wine and peanut butter brownies. 

Any support and tips would be appreciated!

Thanks for reading this

And thank you Greg for sharing your story with us.

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