Races for the week of September 30 to October 6

10th August 2018



October has different racing events throughout Berlin that may be of interest of you. Here is a list of the events and an easy way to register. The week of September 30th to October 6th offers plenty of races, here is a list of Berlin running events. Dow

Races for the week of September 30 to October 6

by Tanner Collier

Trailrun Berlin -Sunday, September 30th

The Trailrun Berlin is a great way to end the month of September and if your tired of running on pathment this might be the race for you. This offers two different racing distances of 18 km and 10km. All participants will receive a pair of trail run socks and a medal for your hard work.

Volkslauf Am Tag Der Deutschen Einheit- Wednesday, October 3

With the he 9th annual Volkslauf upcoming in October, this is a perfect reason to sign up for the 7.5km race. This event offers two other races and allows children to participate in a 500m Bambini run. Awards will go out to the female and male winners of the main race. Do not miss out on a fun run before it is too late.

Meiliensteinlauf 2018- Saturday, October 6

The Meiliensteinlauf is upcoming in the next couple of months despite it being cancelled last year! It might give you some motivation to enter this years event in Krämerwald. The races distances are 4.5km and 9km. Nordic Walkers can participate as well in a 4.5km race, in addition to one mile run for kids.

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