Races for the week of September 17 to September 23

13th September 2018



While we eagerly wait for the Berlin Marathon on Sunday to come, Racemappr still has to let you know what’s happening the week after. Even after the biggest party is over, there is still a bunch of small parties to attend. Running is a habit, and don’t ev

Races for the week of September 17 to September 23

by Randy Dong

There are several nice and easy races around Berlin for the next weekend. Some cool down options after the Berlin Marathon. There is also a running workshop that will teach you how to protect yourself from running injuries.

Regionalparklauf Bernimer Feldmark - Saturday, September 22

The run takes place in the Regionalpark Bernimer Feldmark located at the north-east of Berlin. This year, the run is part of a bigger Sports Festival with the municipality of Ahrensfelde. There are 1.5 km, 3 km, 6.5 km, and 13 km options for the run, with the two shorter courses also available for walking. Besides running, there is also a series of events at the park on Saturday. You can even participate in the mayor’s cup, where you can compete in teams of three against the mayor in various activities of different disciplines. Fight the power! In a friendly way, no?

Learn to RUN! - Saturday, September 22

For beginners and runners who’d like to improve their skills and forms, this is a workshop that you can benefit a lot from. Learn to RUN! is a workshop that will teach you how to properly warm up before a run; how to position your body in a run to feel lighter and be safer; exercises to train your mobility and coordination; and a few running “tricks.” Running incorrectly and carelessly can be taxing on your body in the long term. We are in this to improve our lives, not cause any harm. So if you have any doubt about the way you run, or are eager to find out more, check the event out.

Intersport Olympia Lauf - Sunday, September 23

Intersport Olympia Lauf takes place in Steglitz next Sunday. There is 5 km and 10km option as well as a brand-new 11 km skater course. There will be entertainment programs and lots of spectators to cheer you on at the event. There isn’t something so special about the event. Just a nice chill run, at a nice chill area.

Potsdamer Herbstlauf - Sunday, September 23

The Potsdam Autumn Run offers two distances 6.5 km and 9 km, and an additional 1 km children’s race. (Up to 14) All participants will receive a certificate with their names, time, and placement, and you will get a medal if you score top 3 in either the male or female category. The race takes place on the Max Planck campus at Potsdam-Golm, south-west of Berlin.

Velten Lauft City - Sunday, September 23

Velten Lauft City takes place next Sunday on the north-west side of Berlin. It offers a 4 km, 8 km, 12 km, and a 3x4 km relay race option. There will also be a 1.4 km kids run. The registration for the race is still available, with the deadline on the 16th of September. The registration fees are fairly cheap with the most expensive fee for the relay at only 12 euros. Cheap and easy fun!

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Thanks, Randy!

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