Races for the week of October 28 to November 3

10th August 2018



With October ending and November about to begin, we found a variety of running events in Berlin and wanted to share them with you. From 5km fun runs to marathons, November can be a challenge to find racing events, but we can help with that by finding race

Races for the week of October 28 to November 3

by Tanner Collier

Imperial Halloween Run Berlin - Wednesday, October 31st 

This Halloween, Berlin is offering another fun event for runners. This is not your average 5 or 10 km run; the reason why is because it offers a full night of activities before and after the run. Kids can carve pumpkins and take pictures, in addition to everyone dressing up in their most creative Halloween costume.  

Lauf Sagerserie Berlin Hermsdorf 2018 - Saturday, November 3rd

The running event Sägerserie dates back to the seventies and can be considered as one of the oldest running events in Berlin. This race is unique because it includes three races, adding three individual times to make up the final time. The running lengths increase from one run to another. For example, the men will start at 12.8km and eventually increases to 15.8km. The women will start at 6.8km and increase to 9.8 km. The race entry is extremely limited and offers 250 participants the chance to compete in this running event. After every run, cookies and tea are available, which allows the community to participate as well. With limited spots this event could fill up fast, so prepare yourself for this tough challenge and join the Sägerserie run.

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