Races for the week of July 30 to August 5

26th July 2018



August is here along with many more racing opportunities. It’s important to be active as the summer gradually comes to a close. Don’t let the heat bring you down this week!

Races for the week of July 30 to August 5

by Taylor Fell

Triathlons, marathons, and more! We have races happening both in and out of Berlin.  Find your ideal challenge below!


Der Lauf/ Der Markt- Friday, August 3

The Der Lauf/ Der Markt is a run dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding mental health and depression. Participants can do as many 2km laps (around Tempelhofer Field) as they wish and there is also an 800m run for kids. This year, the event includes the option of running with your dog. The Market for Mental Health will be set up for clinics, regional associations, and self-help groups to inform the public about their work. Register online anytime before the race or register on the date of the event. Use this as the opportunity to run for the cause that combines the athletic movement and pledge to mental health!

Zerbster Heimat und Schützenfestlauf- Friday, August 3

Taking place just outside Berlin is the Zerbster Heimat und Schützenfestlauf. This race offers a 5km and 10km distance along with a 5km Nordic Walking event. The top three of each age category in the 5km and 10km are awarded with a certificate, and the winner within each group also earns a small present. Additionally, all Nordic walkers will receive a certificate. It’s a relatively flat course, which is perfect for anyone who is looking to obtain a personal record. Lastly, this event provides a raffle for all participants to possibly win some prizes.

Lilienthal-lauf 2018- Saturday, August 4

The 12th annual Lilienthal Run is a 9.896km race on the oldest airfield in the world! Participants have the option of either running or walking the race. You can either register online or on spot at the event. It’s only 6 €!


Frankfurt city triathlon- Frankfurt, Sunday August 5

Thousands will participate in the Frankfurt City Triathlon. The race provides multiple distances from a beginner level to the advanced level. You can choose from the Everyone Single (0.4km swim, 12km bike, 5km run), the Sprint single (0.75km swim, 28km bike, 5km run), the Olympic single (1.5km swim, 45km bike, 10km run), or the Middle distance single (2km swim, 80km bike, 20km run). If you prefer to take on this challenge with friends, there is a relay option for the Olympic, Sprint, and Middle distance!


Lieskauer Volkslauf- Sunday, August 5

If you find yourself around Leipzig, check out the Lieskaur Volkslauf. It offers four distances: 0.4km run (for kids), 2.0km (student run), 5km run/walk, and a 10km run. Come out and enjoy a morning in the spacious LSG arena in Lieskau.


Hella Marathon Nacht Rostock- Saturday, August 4th

To all marathoners and long distance runners, this is the race for you. The main factor that distinguishes this marathon from others is that it starts at 18:00. The event also has other distances to choose from such as the marathon relay, the half marathon, a 7km run, and a 1.8km student run. This is the chance to try a new experience of running through the night!

Announcements: Racemappr is participating in the Adidas Runners City Night 2018 on July 28th, 2018 with Plan A, the first knowledge and donation platform solely dedicated to climate change. Racemappr and PlanA are launching the joint campaign “Un-fantastic Plastic” for this event. We will be dressed in plastic costumes made by ourselves from recycled plastic or plastic waste for the run, and we will host training runs, clean-up runs, and publish educational social media content during the lead-up to the race. Racemappr and PlanA would like to invite all of you to join us with the run and the campaign. You can still register on the 27th or the 28th!  

Find out from the link below how you can still register, or if you are joining us to the event, what is happening tomorrow and Saturday:


Follow the Racemappr x PlanA Adidas Runners City Night event on FB and Meetup from the links below to keep posted on the event info.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1782372631857814/

Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Startup-Runners-Berlin/events/252357466/


The first version of the Racemappr App is officially live on iOS and Android! Racemappr is an app dedicated to connect the racing community. We help you discover your next challenge by finding local running, cycling, swimming, and triathlon events. Click on the links below to download the app:

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