Races for the Week of July 2 to July 8 in Berlin

27th June 2018



Let’s kick off July with racing! This week, we have information on three races in Berlin, some additional races happening outside of Berlin, and a couple of events occurring in Hamburg as well.

Races for the Week of July 2 to July 8 in Berlin

by Taylor Fell

We have plenty of races to choose from whether you’re looking to seriously compete or race for pleasure. From triathlons to various road and trail runs, read below to find your ideal race! 


Potsdam Urban Trail- Saturday, July 7

The Potsdam Urban trail isn’t your typical road race. It is a truly unique 10km race that serves thousands of participants every year. The event takes runners on a surprising and interesting course, unknown to the public until race day. All finishers will receive a medal, t-shirt, and a delicious breakfast!

Berlin Triathlon XL- Sunday, July 8

The Berlin Triathlon XL is one of the most exciting sporting events of the summer!  The event is a middle distance triathlon, which includes a 1.9km swim, a 93.2km bike ride, and a 21km run. For the first time, the Berlin Triathlon now offers a Sprint XL option. This distance consists of a 700m swim, a 72.6km bike ride, and a 5.25km run.  There’s even a triathlon provided just for kids with a minimum age requirement of 8 years. The distance for the children’s triathlon is a 100m swim, a 2.5km bike ride, and 400 meter run. Be prepared to test yourself in this incredible race!

Charity Walk & Run Berlin 2018- Sunday, July 8

The fourth annual Charity Walk & Run offers a variety of distances. There is an 800m children’s run, a 5km run/walk, and a 10km run. All of the race fees will be donated to the German Foundation for Young Adults with Cancer and Humanity First. It’s the perfect time to come out and support a good cause!

Near Berlin

August Bier Lauf- Sunday, July 8

The August Bier Lauf will take place in Sauen, which is just outside of Berlin. It’s an event for all ages! The owl run is a 625m run specifically for kids ages 7 and below. Another bonus: kids don’t have to pay an entry fee! The August Bier Lauf has 3 race choices for runners: the Hassen-Lauf (1.9km) the Eber-Lauf (4.7km) and the Deer Run (9.8km). Pick your desired distance and enjoy a scenic run in the trails of the Sauen forest district!

Schorfheide Triathlon and Quadrathlon- Sunday, July 8

To all those who seek the ultimate racing adventure and challenge, the Schorfheide Triathlon and Quadrathlon is the competition for you. Whether you are a child, beginner, or experienced triathlete, the event offers plenty of distances. The longest distance is the Xterra (1500m swim, 41km bike, 10.5km run). Following the Xterra, there is the choice to do the people’s triathlon (750m swim, 20.5km bike, 7km run) or the beginner’s triathlon (400m swim, 13.6km bike, 3.5km run). The striking aspect of this race in particular is that people have the choice to do the quadrathlon, which is different from the triathlon because it includes a paddling portion in addition to the traditional swimming, biking, and running format (750m swim, 20.5km bike, 4km paddle, 7km run). Kids can either do the children’s short (50m swim, 1km bike, 150m run), the children’s medium (100m swim, 2km bike, 300m run), or the children’s long triathlon (200m swim, 4km bike, 1km run).


Barmer Women’s Run Hamburg- Saturday, July 7

The Barmer Women’s Run (on behalf of Runner’s World) has moved to Hamburg this week! You have the options of doing either a 5km or 8km run. Join thousands of participants for the chance to run through the beautiful green city park of Hamburg.

Skyline-Run Hamburg 2018-Sunday, July 8

Check out one of Germany’s most outstanding races of the year! Runners who participate in Hamburg’s Skyline-Run enjoy a 360 degree view of the entire city and Europe’s largest river island. The Skyline-Run offers three distances: 10.2km, 5.2km, and 3km. There’s also a 400m and 900m fun run for kids.


Get out there and take advantage of the warm weather!



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