Races for the week of July 16 to July 22

10th July 2018



Hello everyone, it is summer 2018 in Berlin! With only a couple months left of warm weather, racing events are running by and we encourage everyone to join the fun!

Races for the week of July 16 to July 22

by Tanner Collier

If you are looking for a night run and want to add mileage to your running shoes or want a combination of riding and running, the list below will hopefully help.


Sommernachts (Duathlon) –Friday – 20.07.2018

Attention all runners and cyclists, grab your running shoes, headlamps and mountain bikes. This July, Torpedo is hosting a duathlon at Flachenhalspark in Berlin. Come out and join a great group of people in a 5-km ride and run at 22:00, starting under the Monument Bridge. (Monumentenstrasse). Breeze through the night and escape the heat with your fellow cyclists and runners!

BerlinerMauerweg-Nachtlauf – Saturday 21-22.7.2018

Looking for a long distant night run in Berlin for the month of July? The Berliner Mauerweg- Nachtlauft is a run that ranges about 65 kilometers on the Berlin Wall Trail, but do not let distance  discourage you from joining. With three different start times, this race will allow runners to run at their own pace and not feel pressured. While this may seem like a longer race than your average 10k, Racemappr listed a link below of training events that might prepare you for future races like the Berliner Mauerweg- Nachtlauft.

Weekly Running Groups in Berlin

MileHighBerlin City Run 10k #57–Tuesday 17.7.2018

MileHigh Berlin is hosting a 10k run that caters to all runners and will even run at your pace with you as a group. The run is at 6:30 pm and encourages people to bring friends and family. Meet the MileHigh team Tuesday directly in front of the main entrance of the Berlin Zoo and remember every run is different!

8barweekly club ride / road bike – Tuesday 17.7.2018

8bar bikes are back on the streets of Berlin this upcoming Tuesday at 18:00. Come out and join your fellow cyclists at 8bar bikes showroom located at Wrangelstrasse. The event consists of a 60km ride with a cruising speed of 27-30 km/h. This is an easy going, energetic way to meet other cyclists in Berlin. The only rule is to bring a helmet and have fun. We will see you there, ready to ride!

RUN WITHUS! // City West Run Club – Tuesday 17.7.2018

Beat a case of the Mondays with a terrific Tuesday run with lululemon of Berlin located at Münzstraße. Join the group in a running workout through Tiergarten from 6:30 to 7:30. Each week is different and encourages runners from all backgrounds to challenge yourself. Do not miss out on the fun and discover your next challenge at Münzstraße

Weekly Coffeespin Berlin –Friday 20.7/2018

Roll out of bed, drink your coffee, and start pedaling! Listnride is hosting their weekly ride supported by Biehler Cycling and Wahoo Fitness every Friday morning at 7:15 am. The distance is usually around 55 km to 65km and has a social pace of 26km/h. The meeting point is at the Factory Berlin on Rheinsberger Street. Pedal your way into the weekend with a great ride in the streets of Berlin. 

Special Announcement

There are only two days left to register for the Adidas Runners City Night 2018! The deadline is on July 12th, therefore make sure you register before then, and let’s make a difference for the environment together!

For those of you who don’t know, Racemappr is teaming up with PlanA, the first knowledge and donation platform solely dedicated to climate change, to participate in the Adidas Runners City Night 2018. We will be running in ridiculous costumes made by ourselves from recycled plastic or plastic waste. We are also launching our “Un-fantastic Plastic” mini-campaign leading up to the race. We will be fundraising to fight against plastic pollution in ocean as well as educating people about the cause and how charity races can be a means of change. So, join us to the Adidas Runners City Night, and let’s make a difference together! Here are some useful links for you to follow our event, and a link for the race registration. Only two days left!

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