Races for the week of August 6 to August 12

08th August 2018



Unfortunately, the Adidas Runners City Night was cancelled. The weather was not on our side that day. These things happen and although it is disappointing, all you can do is keep training and move on to the next race.

Races for the week of August 6 to August 12

by Taylor Fell

On a more positive note, there are more 5k and 10k races you can do both in and out of Berlin this week. Read below to find a race that interests you! 



Mittsommer Studenlauf- Tuesday, August 7

This is an annual event hosted by Kaulsdorf Orientation and Running Club. Participants can either choose from the half hour battery run or the full hour run. Registration is available on site. There will be certificates for the top three in each age category as well as raffle prizes! The run will start in the afternoon at 6 p.m.

100MeilenBerlin (Mauerweglauf) 2018- Saturday, August 11

The 100MeilenBerlin is by far one of the most interesting events to Berlin specifically. The route takes runners along the former border, which makes it 100 miles (160.9km) around western Berlin. Runners will get to experience a significant marker in history. The competition is fully booked; however there is a waitlist. If you are interested, sign up for the waitlist ASAP!

Utzenberg Lauf 2018- Sunday, August 12

Whether you want to run a longer distance or a shorter distance, the Utzenberg Lauf offers a racing option suitable for everyone! Participants can choose from the 10.4km, the 5km, or the 2.5km. It even has a 0.4km for children (kids race for 1 Euro!). Register online and enjoy an active Sunday morning!


Dachauer Strassenlauf- Saturday, August 11

This is the 31st annual Dachauer Strassenlauf. If you want to get in a 10km road race, this is a great opportunity. The race starts at 16:00 and registration is possible on site! 


Altbacher Berglauf Cup 2018- Saturday, August 11

For anyone travelling to Stuttgart, check out the Altbacher Berglauf Cup! It offers multiple distances all the way from the 0.4km bambinilauf to the main run, which is 11.5km. There is a student run, which is a little over 1km and an everyman run (4km).  Make sure you register online prior to the race!

Make up for the missed opportunity from the Adidas Runners City Night 2018 and register for a new race today!

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Thanks, Taylor!

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