Overtraining leads to injury.

05th July 2017



A little update on my condition, preparations for the Adidas Runners City Night. Even though I'm not going to run for the best time, I believe that training for the event is part of the experience and took it seriously, maybe too seriously.

Overtraining leads to injury.

by Greg Gareian

It is common for me to do some strength training, usually three times a week. Around six weeks ago I added three cardio session to the mix. The cardio sessions were alternating between:

Sprints, where after a ten minute warm-up I sprint for a minute, wait until my heart rate drops to 145(around a minute), following with the next sprint.

Steady walk uphill, where I take the pace, elevation to keep my heart rate at around 135 for an hour.

Actual running, where the speed varies a little more, usually around 9-12 km/h, try to go for as long as possible (a little over an hour).

So each week I would do three strength session in the evenings, Three cardiovascular trainings in the mornings. And before long my ankle started to get tense, loose flexibility and finally got inflamed. Everything is ok. I got off easy, without any serious damage. Only two weeks of rest and a lot of Voltaren(No, I'm not getting paid for this promotion) and I was back on my feet. Currently I'm easing into the training again, this time treating my body with more caution and respect. Giving it the necessary rest it needs. Usually it would be extremely frustrating to sit at home, do nothing but stretching, but luckily for me the weather was not very graceful.

Even after the two week of dormant life, I have still lost some weight, improved my 10k time by more than six minutes. All of this made me remember the thing I always end up forgetting and burning myself out: "The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither."

If you could recommend me a better training routine, please, I'm all ears.

Thanks for reading this

And thank you Greg for sharing your story with us.

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