Once upon a race...

02nd August 2017



My feeling after the race and the beginning of a long story (don't miss the 3 drawings at the very end)

Once upon a race...

by Camille Tdv

I don’t like running ! But supported by the crowd, carried by the music, escorted by the Racemappr team, and dressed up as the confident WinderWoman, I did it: it only took me 40 minutes to cross the finish line in the 5 km "Adidas Runners City Night" race. 

That is not that bad for my first race !

I wasn’t running the whole time but did during 3km of the 5. I got out of breathe several times but not as fast as I imagined. Walking also let me discover what was going on around the race: supporters playing music, people dancing, and funny outfits… 

The race atmosphere was amazing! 

Maybe I could do it again… (و ˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

By the way, about my bet with ImpGirl : let’s discover the story below (3 drawings)!

Thanks for reading this

And thank you Camille for sharing your story with us.

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