Not Wanting to Run Alone

26th March 2018



I will find someone to race with me!

Not Wanting to Run Alone

by Mica Munn

It’s been awhile since I last ran, which is why I was a bit nervous to do an event alone. So, after scouring Racemappr for an event, I convinced my friend Will into running one with me! We will be running the Benefizlauf Run for Refugees Berlin this upcoming Sunday. In preparation for the race I made a promise to myself that I would at least run twice this week. Lucky for me it snowed both days. This was a good thing considering I had never seen snow before until recently. I took this as a blessing. I’m ready to fully embrace whatever race day has in store for us!

Update: Sunday came and went! It was sunny on race day and I was excited to run on such a beautiful day. I accomplished my personal goal of not walking. I'm pretty pumped about that! It also helped a lot that I was able to run with someone I knew. This event has me wanting to run more. I forgot how much I missed it! 


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