ImpGirl is alive, but not for too long…

02nd August 2017



Discover how I survived to the Adidas Runners City Night!

ImpGirl is alive, but not for too long…

by Eloise Vardon

I will tell you my feelings in 3 words : I DID IT!
I ran (and walked) the 5kms of the Adidas Runners City Night in only 40min. Ok, maybe for you 40min is too long, but I have an excuse! As I am a very good friend, I waited for my asthmatic friend WinderWonder, because I didn’t want to have a death on my hands!
I’m kidding. We took breaks! If not, it’s me who would be dead…
But as I did not die, I will be able to keep a very good memory of this race and the special atmosphere around it. It was a very good night in tights with the crazy Racemappr team!
By the way, do you remember the bet that I did with WinderWoman? You want to know who is the winner? The non-answer is in the 3 drawings just below!

Thanks for reading this

And thank you Eloise for sharing your story with us.

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