HIIT it!

30th June 2017



How to race faster. Zoom!!!

HIIT it!

by Claire Senior

Getting a PB means running faster in a race. To do this, it is important to practise running faster in training.  

H.I.I.T. is High Intensity Interval Training. In running terms, this means sprinting at full speed for a set amount of time, followed by recovery time before starting again.

To start with, try sprinting with full power for 20 seconds. As soon as you stop, time yourself 1 minute to recover. During the recovery time you can walk or jog really slowly. Then simply repeat this process for 20-30 minutes. It might not sound much, but you will definitely feel it! 

When completing HIIT, it is important to ensure you have completed a thorough warm up before you begin, and afterwards ensure you complete a full cool down. I would recommend holding each stretch for 20 seconds. Your glutes, hamstrings, and quads will have been working especially hard, so make sure they are included in your stretch routine, no matter what type of running you have been enjoying.

Read Claire's blog "You don't need a PT..." For more detail on how to write your own training plan. 

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Claire Senior

Claire Senior

30 Jun 2017 at 01:18 pm

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