Finding a 10k for Gabe

30th October 2018



Gabe is a runner, beer-miler, club captain at Midnight Runners and a friend of Racemappr. He reached out to us on his Instagram looking for a 10k to run within the next six weeks. We’re happy to help find his next challenge! Without further ado, here are

Finding a 10k for Gabe

by Elizabeth Pfeiffer

1. RCT-Crosslauf ‘Schmalzstullenlauf’ Berlin Tegel- Sunday, November 11

A Tegel forest run with 5.1km, 10km, 20km running options available. Deadline to register is November 6.

Event link:

2. Berliner Mannschafts-Halbmarathon 2018 - Sunday, November 18

The ¼ marathon (10.8k) is a lap around the Britzer Garten. The ½ marathon (21.1k) consists of two rounds around the Britzer Garten and one round in the stadium after the first round.

Deadline to register is November 13.

Event link:

3. Lauf in die Tropen- Sunday, November 18

Escape the oncoming cold with this marathon through the Tropical Island Resort! 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k running options available. Deadline to register is November 11.

Event link:

4. Herbstwaldlauf Berlin (Gunni-Sachs-Gedenklauf) 2018 - Sunday, December 2

It’s a beautiful run to celebrate the fall season. Options to run are 1.9k, 3.8k, 5.7k, and for Gabe a 10.7k! Deadline for registration is November 27.

Event link:

5. Plänterwaldlauf Berlin Mitte 2018- Sunday, December 9

Here is a fun forest run that you can bring a friend to, Gabe! 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k running options available. Deadline to register is December 5.

Event link:

Gabe, we hope that one of these options is exactly what you are looking for! And to our other readers: Struggling to find a race that fits you? Use the Racemappr app to find local races! Message us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll always do our best to help you discover your next challenge.


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And thank you Elizabeth for sharing your story with us.

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