Experiencing Berlin Running Culture

26th March 2018



I want to experience everything Berlin has to offer!

Experiencing Berlin Running Culture

by Will Eggleston

Over the past 3 months I’ve tried to experience everything Berlin has to offer. From seeing monuments, to going to museums, to grabbing drinks with friends I want the full experience. This experience would not be complete without experiencing Berlin running culture and a Berlin race. I started looking for races near me on Racemappr and found some fun options, but ultimately I decided to join my friend and intern coworker Mica in running the 5th annual Benefizlauf Run for Refugees Berlin! This race gave me the opportunity to not only experience Berlin race culture, but also do some good in the process. It was a really cool experience with about 100 runners participating. That may seem small, but it really drove home how much of community there is for runners for Berlin. Many different running clubs were represented, and it was awesome to see! Also this race gave me the opportunity to run a 10k for the first time, and it felt amazing to finish! It motivates me to find and participate in more races when I get back home!



5. Benefizlauf Run for Refugees Berlin

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