29th June 2017



Afraid of the dark? Don't be! Lucky for you, the time for your inner hero to shine is coming. Because of my hilarious coffee consumption, among other reasons I will be running as the Nightman. #AfraidOfTheDark


by Greg Gareian

While I have done plenty of sports, this will be my first actual race. From everything I read ,it should be quite an experience. Running through Berlin at night, supported by music, with lots of led lights and glow sticks.The fact that there will be a bunch of us, wearing silly superhero themed costumes just adds to the fun.

This spring I had the pleasure of following the Berlin Half marathon. It was my first personal look into the world of racing. The energy was incredible. People were running together for so many different reasons regardless of their origin, status, and political views. They came together just for one goal, an actual finish line, which represents different things to each individuals. Whether it takes one's body to its limits, gather money for a good cause, support a friend or just earn your pizza.

I really wanted to ask more people about who they are and what drives them to go forward? I managed to get a response from a friend, he told me that the cheers and posters really made a difference, especially one which said " Smile, you paid for it!".

Let me say that half marathon is not a simple task, but when you know that your friends and family members are patiently waiting for you at the finish line, it's not hard to give it your all. My favorite moment was seing everyone uniting with their group after finishing, having the infamous alcohol free beer and a banana.

When it comes to my superidentity, I shall be the NIGHTMAN! He is not the perfect superhero, actually he has a heavy addiction to coffee. But while he sacrifies his beauty sleep, he does it only to spend the nights guiding his buddies home after a long night of celebration. Life is full of wonders and plenty of occasions to celebrate, therefore the work for the Nightman never ends. Especially in Berlin.

While I have started some training, I have been clearing 10km distance faster every time. I attend for fun and community, and will not be going for personal best. Like most things in life, it is all about the journey and not where you actually end up. I just really want to see the running community unite and do their best.

The deadline for registration is on 13th of july, so you still have time to join us! Don't worry about running alone or the distance, since we are covering both 5km and 10km races and our running abilities vary also. Read the instructions on how to JOIN.

Thanks for reading this

And thank you Greg for sharing your story with us.

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