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Use the form on this page to claim your organiser profile. This will allow you to:

  • Update your existing events
  • Add new events in just a few minutes
  • Add cover photos to help stand out
  • Add event descriptions to say more about your races
  • Blog / post as an organisation
  • Be followed by, receive notifications from and interact with the race community
  • Do all of this for free

Why we are keen to help you.

Whether a national marathon or a local club event, we know the hard work and dedication that you put into every race. Many of you are local clubs and volunteers and we know that all of you are dedicated to your sport. So thank you for working to give us such brilliant races - and we promise to be dedicated to helping you.

We want to help people discover your events. Marketing can be costly and we think it can be done more easily. In particular we focus on the location of events, which also helps focus on local communities.

What’s more, we’re looking to work with organisers, charities and organisations that share our passion for sport and racing. We’re constantly looking for new opportunities in how we can introduce tools that can help you.

For example, we have a partnership with HERE maps. Not only do they help us provide great mapping and directions to your event, but they also feature all Racemappr events on their ‘nearby’ feature - meaning that their millions of monthly visitors can find your race too.

Some other areas we’re currently working on are:

  • Improved notifications system for optimised updates
  • Event registration and management tools
  • Improved blogging and publishing tools to easily share with the community
  • More detailed event pages so that you can list everything you need

This is all designed to make your processes simpler, which is why we would love hear from you on what more we could do. Share any feedback, ideas or ask questions at [email protected].

Thanks from our team and we looking forward to working with you to help everyone discover their next challenge.

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