Sunny day at B2Run

19th July 2017



Our founder Jon Sykes was running, we were happy to attend and cheer him on. Another great experience, which makes me more eager to run my first race!

Sunny day at B2Run

by Greg Gareian

It was my first time in this part of town, visiting Berlins Olympicstadion. I lack the imagination to picture it being fully seated. Maybe I will have an opportunity to attend another major event, which will probably overwhelm Berlin, the stadion. 

Don't get me wrong, B2run was still very lively. Plenty of people warming up for the run. Their supporters sending positive vibes, giving out good luck  kisses, enjoying great weather, music and some fresh smoothies. It being a corporate event, many big companies were taking part. What's better than racing against your boss or the friendly guy from the office next door? People were really into it, they were fierce, haven't seen rivalry like that in a while. Made me think, if I'm actually able to hold my own against some of my coworkers. Hmm, I wonder.

I was very surprised when by accident a tall handsome Columbian stranger (my neighbour) bumped into me at the event. We had a great laugh about it, I ended up supporting two companies. Just like our founder Jon Sykes, my neighbour got an impressive time, recovered instantly after eating a banana and drinking some alcohol free beer. I'm really starting to think highly of this power combo, maybe there is some science to it?
What do you think, is there anything better for recovery?

Overall I'm very happy to attend, this time with almost full Racemappr team, these events really do inspire people to take their first or next step and spend more time outside. No wonder, since racing is really so much fun! 

Danke für's Lesen

Danke Greg, dass du deine Geschichte mit uns teilst.

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