Welcome to Racemappr - a platform for the discovery of your first or next challenge.

We are a team of triathletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers working to improve your racing life. We are doing this by building a community that connects racers like us with local organisers and clubs - as well as other members of the community. For us it’s about inspiration - to learn, see and do more of what we love - racing.

How are we focused on helping:

  • Improving event search - making it an easier and nicer experience for you to find your next race.

  • Connecting people with a shared passion - we belong to clubs and want to extend that experience both on and offline.

  • Meeting new people - helping you find inspiration through people's’ passion, thinking and stories.

  • Supporting organisers - giving them tools that simplify and assist their hard work and dedication - which in turn will lead to even better race experiences for all of us.

  • Making all of this accessible to everyone - which is why it doesn’t cost you anything to sign-up and get involved in the community.

We have loads of ideas on how to make things better for the community, but we love new ideas - so please reach out and share how we can help you.

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